WUGA-TV is a partnership between the University of Georgia and Georgia Public Television. This effort is bringing quality television programming to Northeast Georgia utilizing the resources of the WORLD network and through the development of local programming specific to our region.

WUGA-TV will fund program development through sponsorships and underwriting.

Future programming will include documentaries, live performances, sporting events and news/public affairs shows.

WUGA-TV signed on the air May 1, 2011 as an entirely new public broadcasting station with new call letters, new
programming and a new vision to serve Northeast Georgia as an extension of The University of Georgia.

Prior to May 1, 2011, the station had served the area as commercial station WNEG and has historically been carried on local cable systems in the region. WUGA-TV does not substantially duplicate the primary channel programming of any other television station in either the Atlanta or the Greenville-Spartanburg-Asheville-Anderson DMA.

• In July 2011 Nielsen re-assigned WUGA-TV to the Atlanta DMA from its previous assignment to the Greenville-
Spartanburg-Asheville-Anderson DMA. This re-assignment was made was made in light of the station’s actual service
area and its close nexus with The University of Georgia in Athens.

• WUGA-TV is owned by The University of Georgia, which is the flagship for Georgia’s statewide university system located in Athens, Georgia. The main studios of the station are now located on the university campus in Athens, which is located in Clarke County, Georgia—historically an Atlanta DMA county.

• WUGA-TV is operating under a local management agreement with Georgia Public Broadcasting (GPB), the state of
Georgia’s public broadcasting agency, which is headquartered in Atlanta, at the center of the Atlanta DMA. Through the GPB partnership, WUGA-TV has become part of one of the largest and most successful statewide PBS networks in the country.

• WUGA-TV, through its association with Georgia Public Broadcasting, is now telecasting news, documentary and
informational PBS programming such as PBS Newshour, Newsline, Frontline, Nature, Nova and Tavis Smiley 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

• WUGA-TV programming is Georgia-focused. The station has a local programming/sports effort in place and is presently carrying locally produced programs to serve Athens and surrounding Northeast Georgia communities: UGA Newsource, It’s Friday, Public Health Impact, The Magic and Music are Back, UGA Students in Greece, UGA Performs and Unscripted with Alan Flurry. The station will also begin carrying selected Southern Conference sporting events in 2012, featuring such nearby colleges as Georgia Southern, Wofford and Furman.

• In summary, WUGA-TV’s interest and influence is primarily focused on the Atlanta DMA with a hyper-local emphasis on the Northeast Georgia segment of the market. The station is committed, as part of The University of Georgia’s public affairs outreach program, to serving its marketplace with all of the excellence and quality that University of Georgia ownership implies!