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ACCPD Blotter 11/24/11


A Burglary was reported on Lakeview drive. There was no sign of forced entry. A flat screen T.V. and DVD player valued at $640.00 were taken. (11-1735)

A Burglary was reported at Athens Heritage Homes on November 23.A leaf blower and other tools were removed from an unlocked shop. (11-1745)

A Burglary was reported by Alison Spiers at a Milledge Terrace residence. A twelve pack of Beer and a Computer were discovered missing. There were no signs of forced entry. (11-1757)

A Burglary was reported on Pauldoe circle on November 23 at 1940. A Plasma 60 inch Television and a PS 3 game were taken. Several young males were seen near the residence. (11-1774)

Two Flat screen Televisions valued at $2225.00 were taken in a Burglary at a Marlborough Downs residence on November 23. (11-1777)

A South Chase Street residence was burglarized on November 23. Two Televisions and cash were removed. (11-1785)


Jimmie MCcommons reported that his vehicle was entered between 2200 November22 and 0704 November 23 while parked on Florida Avenue. A DVD player valued at 300 was taken. (11-1726)