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ACCPD Blotter 11/30/11


Officers responded to a burglary in progress at the Cherokee Ridge residence of CECIL EBERHART around 0830 November 29.  A witness saw a male walk up to and knock on the door.  He then walked around to the back of the residence where he stayed for several minutes.  He then returned to the front and walked north on Cherokee Ridge.  His description was issued to other officers.  He was located nearby and identified.  The residence was checked and it was determined entry was not made.  (11-2073)

GARRETT STEVEN GUEST advised he returned to his residence around 0730 November 29 and discovered an attempt had been made to enter.  A possible suspect was named.  (11-2072)


The Sayemore Dr residence of TIMOTHY RUCKER was burglarized between 1910 and 1945 November 29.  A TV and game console valued at $2,800 were stolen.  A possible suspect was named.  (11-2107)

An officer on patrol saw an open door at a N Bluff Rd residence around 2240 November 29.  Copper tubing had been cut from the water heater but was left at the scene.  While checking this residence the officer also found the residence next door had also been burglarized.  Copper wiring had been torn from the walls in a bedroom.  These are managed by FAULKNER PROPERTIES, 1645 E Broad St.  (11-2110; 2111)