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ACCPD Blotter 12/28/11


CHERIE LEE WEST reported jewelry valued at $8,000 stolen from her Dennis Dr residence between 0800 November 15 and 2100 December 19.  Another resident, ARUNA CHANDRA, reported jewelry valued at $12,500 stolen between 0800 May 11 and 1000 December 27.  After the victims contacted the home office management, WEST’S jewelry was returned to her residence.  Some of CHANDRA’S jewelry was returned.  Suspects were named and the investigation continues.  (12-1706;1707)

The Kings Rd residence of NANCY and WILLIAM WORTHM was burglarized between 1810 December 26 and 1200 December 27.  Jewelry, no value given, was stolen.

Between 2200 December 26 and 1400 December 27 the Dearing St residence of JUSTIN FRANKLIN COOK and JAMES GREGORY MIKULSKI was burglarized.  A TV, lap top, video games, clothing, and cash were stolen.  The total value was $2,725.

ELWANDA WISE reported her Westchester Dr residence burglarized between 0700 and 1625 December 27.  A TV, speaker, and game console with a total value of $1,200 were stolen.  (12-1730)

The W Hancock Ave residence of MORGAN CARTER, JESSIE DESJARDINES, DEANA STEVENS, and LINDI RAE SHEPARD was burglarized between 2200 December 24 and 1730 December 27.  Jewelry, value unknown, was stolen.  (12-1731)


Between 1800 December 22 and 1550 December 27 an air conditioner unit valued at $3,000 was stolen from ENT OF ATHENS, 150 Nacoochee Ave.  A green 2006 Chevrolet Equinox driven by a black male had been seen in the area prior to the theft.  (12-1725)