Tuesday, January 27, 2015

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ACCPD 03/21/12


Members of the Drug Task Force executed a search warrant at 155 Spring Cir on March 20.  A quantity of marijuana, digital scales, packaging paraphernalia, and cash was seized.  LOLA ANN BRADFORD and DERRICK WARD were arrested and charged with Possession of Marijuana with Intent to Distribute.

An officer saw the offender, QUINTAVIOUS CLARK, pull in the parking lot of Triangle Plaza on Nellie B Ave around 1645 March 20.  He believed the subject had an outstanding warrant so he checked to make sure it was still valid.  When he approached CLARK in the vehicle, CLARK said he had the wrong person and refused to exit.  After several commands to get out of the vehicle, CLARK had to be forcibly removed to place him under arrest.  He resisted as the officer handcuffed him.  During a search of his person incident to the arrest, he pulled away and became very disorderly when the officer attempted to search his pockets.  With assistance from another officer, he was able to complete the search.  A prescription bottle with no label and a driver’s license for another subject were found in his pocket.  The bottle contained several unknown white pills. These were later identified as Hydrocodone.  CLARK, 19, Massey Ln, was charged with Possession of Fake ID, Possession with Intent to Distribute a Schedule III/IV/V Drug, Drugs not in Original Container, and Obstructing/Hindering.  (03-1339)


FELIX ARAGON ARMANDO reported his Smokey Rd residence burglarized between 0930 and 1230 March 20.  A TV, video game system, iPods, and cell phone were stolen.  The total value was $1,000.  (03-1323)

Between 0830 and 1345 March 20 the Highland Park Dr residence of DENISE JASMIN was burglarized.  TVs, a lap top, jewelry, and cash with a total value of $5,450 were stolen.  (03-1330)


KIMBERLY DAWN KEENEY reported an electric wheelchair valued at $16,000 stolen from her E Meadow Dr residence between 1530 and 1730 March 20.  (03-1344)