Friday, March 06, 2015

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ACCPD 03/23/12


Officers of the Department’s Traffic Unit will conduct free child safety seat inspections on Saturday, March 24, from 1230 to 1430 at 174 Old Epps Bridge Rd.


Between 0745 and 1230 March 22 the east side residence of ROBERT HEGGE was burglarized.  Nothing is known missing at this time.  A possible suspect was named.  (03-1460)

JOHN SCHACHT LEE of Huntington Shoals Dr a vacant Tipperary Rd residence burglarized sometime prior to 1515 March 22.  Nothing is known missing.  (03-1470)


A vehicle owned by HAROLD W. MUIR, III, was entered between 2100 March 21 and 0730 March 22 while parked at his Brittany Rd residence.  A Think Pad and lap top wheeled case were stolen.  The total value was $2,350.  (03-1446)

HARLEN GARCIEA-VALDEZ of Harvest Way reported her vehicle entered between 2100 and 2200 March 22 while parked at Athens Regional Medical Center, 1199 Prince Ave.  Cash and jewelry with a total value of $1,160 were stolen.  (03-1502)