Friday, March 06, 2015

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ACCPD 03/24/12

Kenneth Moore, Newton Bridge Rd, reported his residence was burglarized between 3/22/12 at 2230 and 3/23/12 at 1430. Suspects stole a GPS, 27” TV, $150.00 and a Laptop computer. A suspect was listed in the report. The total value of items stolen is $1900. 03-1534

The Deer Creek residence of Arminda Benitez was burglarized on 3/23/12 at approximately 1400. The victims left the residence to go to the store and upon returning found that their house was ransacked. $20.00 was the only item reported missing. 03-1538

Michael Harper, Deer Creek, reported a burglary. Harper said suspects broke in his residence and stole $1400 in jewelry, an $800 laptop and about $500 in video game systems and video games. 03-1539

Olivia Suttle, Fuller St, said her home was burglarized between 1200 on 3/21/12 and 2130 on 3/23/12. Suspects stole a window A/C, 30” Flat Screen TV, DVD player, Electric Guitar and a wedding ring. Total value is $1700. 03-1567

Laquashia Flanagan reported her Paul Doe St residence was burglarized between 1930 and 2330 on 3/23/12. Entry was made through a rear window. Items stolen include a 32” flat screen TV, and a Nintendo game system. Items were valued at $500. 03-1576

Niki Cade, Rolling Ridge Dr, reported that her front door had been damaged. Cade said she left her residence at 2200 on 3/23 and returned at 0018 on 3/24/12, during this time suspects attempted to enter her apartment by kicking the door but were not successful. 03-1581 

On March 23, 2012 officers on patrol in the Sunset Terrace area discovered that an outside A/C unit was taken from the property of Hayden B Clements. The A/C unit was valued at $1000. 03-1514

Athens Reality reported an A/C unit and copper piping were stolen from their Sunset Terrace property. The incident happened between 3/13 and 3/24/12. A/C unit is valued at $2000. 03-1514

John Johnson, Finley St reported his 1989 GMC Pickup was stolen on 3/22/12. Johnson said that he loaned the truck to James Toulson to do work for him. Johnson said that Toulson gave Johnson’s truck to Samuel Tyrone Evans so Evans could get drugs for Toulson. On 3/23/12 officers were notified that the stolen vehicle was at Buy Wise Drugs. Responding officers made contact with Samuel Tyrone Evans outside the drug store and arrested him for theft by taking. 03-1518